Bromo Songa Rafting 2 Days 1 Night

Bromo Songa Rafting 2 Days 1 Night one interesting natural tourist icon that became a favorite travel propensi eastern Java. Songa travel afting one of the best adventure travel east Java. although there are still a lot of favorite tourist attractions in East Java as the crater of Ijen, Turkish Papuma, Malang stone, tour Surabaya, Island Sempu, beach cave china and many sights in eastern Java, travel east Java is also no less beautiful with other tours to be an alternative for your holiday if you pay a visit to eastern Java, Bromo Songa rafting padati year to year is always in local and foreign tourists due to the natural charm of the tour very impressive and we as a travel agent to combine eastern Java with  travel packages bromo songa rafting with duration of 2 days 1 night

Bromo one tourist icon East Java, Mount Bromo one of the best mountains to see the beautiful sunrise (Sunrise), Phenomenon attract other beauties that you can enjoy at Mount Bromo is Sunrise, crater bromo, Hill Teletubbies, desert savanna and sand whisper which can complement in Songa rafting excursion options bromo this.

Songa interested Bromo Rafting Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night? Please plan your trip, we tour the private will assist you in providing car rental services To Mount Bromo, rental service jeep bromo, Hotel, Guide, Songa rafting, To go travel tours bromo and Songa rafting you tour private comfortable, professional to accompany tour of your trip, Congratulations traveled.

Travel Details Songa following Bromo Rafting 2 Days 1 Night

Day 1: Airport Surabaya – Rafting Songa Noart Probolinggo – Mount Bromo

  • Airport pickup in Surabaya or Malang Towards Songa Rafting Destinations Probolinggo The journey from Surabaya to River Pekalen About 4 hours Arriving in Songa Rafting. Rest and Briefing By The Professional Rafting team Rafting Tour Approximately 3 hours Towards the Evening Heritage Mount Bromo. Chek In Hotel

Day 2: Penanjakan Sunrise Tour -Lautan Sand – Crater Bromo-Savanah    

  • At sunrise Penanjakan Tour From Hotel Jam 3:30 Morning With Vehicle jeep / hardtop to the Top mount Penanjakan1 (View Point Sunrise) Enjoy the Beautiful Sunrise Mount Bromo Satisfied Looking Down Bromo Sunrise Marine Sand Bromo From the parking lot of Jeep / Hardtop Bromo Rental Riding / Walking toward the crater Bromo Mengexplorasi satisfied Bromo crater at Savanah Continue to Padang, Hill sand Teletubbies and Whispering Back to Hotel, Breakfast – Shower and Chek Out Inter Return to airport in Surabaya or Malang Travel Package Program Bromo Rafting Songa Pekalen 2 Days 1 Night Ends

Bromo facility Songa Rafting Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night:

  1. Private Transport (Driver + fuel. + AC)
  2. Hotel or Homestay bromo     
  3. Jeep in Bromo (Penanjakan sunrise tour, a sea of ​​sand Bromo)     
  4. Admission attractions Bromo and Songa Rafting     
  5. Mineral water 600ml.     
  6. Parking and Toll

Which does not include:    

  1.  Eat,     
  2. Horse in bromo     
  3. Personal expenses.

That needs to Bring to Bromo Tour Package:     

  1. Sweaters / jackets     
  2. Mask    
  3.  Gloves,    
  4.  Scarf,     
  5. Guard room (headgear)     
  6. shoe

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Bromo Songa Rafting 2 Days 1 Nigh

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